[rt-users] Disappearing messages?

Andrew aos at insync.net
Fri Jul 21 16:08:56 EDT 2000

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Jesse wrote:

> That's no good. Most of the time I've seen this it's been sendmail
> related. What version of sendmail are you running?

8.9.3, with another SMTP server set as smarthost, so all non-local mail is
dropped off on the other server for handling.  Very little is done

> What are the relevant portions of your config.pm.

I guess you mean the options related to mail handling, which are:

    $mailprog = "/usr/lib/sendmail";
    $mail_options = "-oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b -OErrorMode=m";

> Are you sure that sendmail's runnin in queue mode or is it attempting
> a single delivery and then falling over?

sendmail definitely appears to be running properly.  One thing I failed to
mention in my previous note which you may find even more interesting is
that we sometimes see messages that contain no body, but DO have the
footer.  Here's what a recent one looks like:

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:21:34 -0500 (CDT)
From: Melanie Sohns <support at insync.net>
Subject: [insync.net #1067] (support) 

-------------------------------------------- Managed by Request Tracker

That's the whole thing.  No idea what Melanie said.  Doesn't appear in the
web tool either.  She is a staff member, so she does have an RT account if
that makes any difference.

Here's where you're going to go, "Oh, you didn't me THAT before":  This
copy of RT has been slightly modified to make it behave a little
differently as far as mail goes.

I didn't like the fact that RT put everybody's addresses in the To header.  
With a reasonably large support team (about 20 people) it starts to get
really cluttered at the top of the mail, plus people tend to "reply to
all" instead of just to the RT alias, so we end up with duplicate mails. I
modified the RT source to change from To to Bcc to make all the addresses
disappear.  I wouldn't think this could be the source of my problem,
though, as I'm not doing anything to the body of the messages, so I don't
see how I could be trashing the entire body as in the above example.

I'll gladly send you my source diffs (privately--no need to subject the
whole lost) if you'd like to take a glance at what I've done.  It's very
little, changed only two or three things.

I've considered just dropping in the unmodified version of RT to see if I
see the same problem, but again figured I'd check here before doing that.

> Is it only losing mail sent by your admin staff or is it losing
> customer-generated mail?

I'm only aware of it losing staff mail, but then again, it's the kind of
problem that I may not notice if it's coming from customers too.  I
haven't seen any trashed-body messages from customers though.

Andrew O. Smith - <aos at insync.net>
Sysadmin, Insync Internet Services
Houston, Texas, USA

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