[rt-users] fun with the mail interface

Bryan Thale thale at rsch.comm.mot.com
Wed Jun 14 14:46:29 EDT 2000

Is there a User's Guide to the mail interface somewhere?  I'm using RT
1.0.3.  I've found the help section in rt/ui/mail/manipulate.pm, but it
just lists command syntax with little discussion of how that interface
should be used.

What I would like to be able to do is simply reply to a ticket I
received via email, include the %RT RESOLVE command in the message along
with whatever response I want logged and sent to the requester.  I can't
seem to get RT to understand the RESOLVE command so I figure I'm missing
a step somewhere along the line.  It accepts my User ID and password
just fine.


Bryan Thale
Motorola Labs, Networking and Infrastructure Research
mailto:thale at rsch.comm.mot.com

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