[rt-users] Commenting on a request via eMail

Michael Brader mbrader at aurema.com
Wed Jun 21 02:03:57 EDT 2000

Matthias Ivers <ivers at realophob.de> writes:

> Hi!
>     in rt_users_guide.html the following is said:
> --- snip ---
> "The most common way to comment or reply to a message is to use email.
>         To comment, simply reply to an RT message or create a new
> message with
>         the following string in the subject:
>         [RequestTracker #<request id>]

This is wrong. It should be [<RT_MAIL_TAG> #<request_id>]

>         To reply, simply reply to the message and Cc: the requestor."

This is also wrong. The reply goes to the requestor if the 'send all
correspondence to requestor' checkbox is ticked,

> --- snip ---
> However - it does not work for me. I think that the rt_users_guide.html
> assumes a non standard setup. 

You're half right. It's a combination of local configuration and
wishful thinking on my part.

> rt-errors:    "|/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate    errors    correspond"
> I could add another alias which uses "comment" and change the address of
> the queue in admin-webrt to the "comment-only"-alias and it would work,
> but the way it is described in the users guide is much better.
> How can I configure rt to behave as described in the users guide??? (or
> is the users guide out of date??)

It's not out of date, it's just wrong :-(

It wouldn't be too hard to hack that behaviour in though if you really
wanted. You'ww want to take a look at lib/rt/ui/mail/manipulate.pm and

I'm sure RT2 will give the administrator a lot more
flexibility about when, where and to whom mail is sent.


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