[rt-users] Commenting on a request via eMail

Anthony DeBoer adb at onramp.ca
Thu Jun 29 16:37:04 EDT 2000

jesse <jesse at fsck.com> writes:
> Basically, create an alias rt-errors-comment which calls rt-mailgate with 
> comment rather than correspond.  When you want to comment on requests,
> send the mail to that alias.

I see a way for people to shoot themselves in the foot there.

Basically, user A wants to comment, and mungs the destination address of
his mail to the comment address.  RT sends it out to all queue members
with the queue's e-mail address as sender, and user B wants to followup
on that comment and dashes off a quick reply.  It gets sent back to the
requester, and now A and B both have egg on their faces and B had better
run out the door quickly before A makes it over to his cube.

IMHO the global config should have a "comments" address field, and use
that as the from address when mailing comments to the queue members.
There should be no need for a per-queue address since comments would
always be on existing tickets.

Presently I'm kneedeep in an RT installation; I like it muchly, but I and
various cow orkers are finding bit and pieces we'd like to do a bit
differently.  I'm starting to put together a shopping list and collection
of proposed patches and hope to have something for the list soon.  Will
there be another 1.0.x release, or has 2.0 branched off already?  Having
started getting into the code, I'm going to go subscribe to rt-devel.

Anthony DeBoer <adb at onramp.ca>

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