[rt-users] independent sets of queues

Taher H Haveliwala taherh at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 27 15:06:30 EDT 2000


I'm a new RT user.  RT is almost exactly what I was looking for, except
for the following issue:  I need to set up RT for use by several
independent groups of people.  Each group should be able to administer
things for themselves.  Is there any way, short of installing RT multiple
times in separate directories, to allow multiple groups to use RT with
their own sets of queues?

I.e., group San Francisco would want a set of queues, say 'Finance',
'Recreation', etc... and group Los Angeles would also want a set of
queues, say 'Recreation' and 'Business' or something like that.  Each
group would want to have administration privilege for their own set of

Should I just give each group only 1 queue, and then let them use
subject/area to categorize tickets?  It's not as flexible (i.e.,
SF-Finance might need a different membership list than SF-Recreation)

Or should I install RT one time for each different group (messy!)?

Or is there a better way?

I scanned through the docs/mail archives, and came across some stuff about
'recursive queues' in 2.0, but that's overkill, and I'm not sure if that
is still being implemented.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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