[rt-users] More RT questions

Dave (Grizz) Glaser dsglaser at mtu.edu
Tue May 9 11:54:27 EDT 2000

Thanks Jesse for your answer to my previous question. If I ever get all my open tickets closed Ill reset the rtname variable (most people don't try to reopen old requests, so there should not be a problem there).

First question:

Is there anyway to remove the email headers from correspondence in rt? 99.9% of our requests are sent from within our dept so I don't need to know where it was from, what mailer was used, etc. If I go back and forth with someone for a while, the correspondence list can get quite long and much of that is headers.

Second question:

Can a user sending email make requests in particular areas? I have our systems administration queue set into software and hardware areas, but email is not assigned an area until I do it on the web side.

Thanks again

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