[rt-users] mail GW failing for hotmail users but working from others!

Feargal Reilly feargal at lucrece.office.thecia.ie
Mon May 15 10:25:35 EDT 2000

I've never actually been too clear on the differences between action, and 
correspond queues...
When I first set up, I created two aliases for each queue  - e.g.
techies: |"/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate testq1 correspond
techies-action: |"/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate testq1 action

Your fethcmail rc should look something like:

poll mail.sbm.com
protocol APOP
username testq1 pass XfghyT7VChuP9BBHJH9
mda "/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate techies correspond"

I recall having problems until I specifically quoted the mda. Assuming this is 
all working then I suspect that you're not receiving the full headers. As far 
as I know, RT relies on the subject line alone to figure out the serial number 
of a reply (see rt/lib/rt/mail parse_header function). I had being thinking 
about doing a loose match hack

The references header is part of RFC 822 and is intended to indicate that one 
e-mail is referring to another  - i.e. a reply of sorts, Used for threading 
messages on thingsa like Usenet. I didn't think RT used it, I haven't really 
checked, so maybe it does... Jesse?

If Hotmail are dropping the References header, they are being nasty to Usenet 
like users. Or maybe it's not part of the full RFC, I coulda sworn it was 

Check your aliases and mda are correct, and if not, send a reply from hotmail 
to another account to make sure the mailgate isn't losing the header.

Stuff, Blah, I'm boring.


Feargal Reilly
Systems Administrator,
The CIA.

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