[rt-users] Can't get mail responses working

Tauren Mills tauren at servlets.net
Wed May 17 02:22:31 EDT 2000

Sorry to bother everyone.  I spoke a little prematurely.  It turns out that
it had nothing to do with RT and was a mail server configuration issue.
Somehow the mail server was trying to route mail to an IP number that did
not have an active interface running for it.  So the mail was being

I am still interested in any debug or logging features of RT.


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> Help!
> I have installed RT 1.0.2 on one server for testing purposes.  We have
> decided that we want to use it, so I've now done a complete install on a
> production server.  As far as I can tell, everything is exactly
> the same in
> the configuration of each RT installation.
> However, the production server doesn't quite work right and I can't figure
> out why.  If a message is sent via email to the queue, the sender gets the
> autoresponse back quickly.  The web interface shows a new ticket and
> displays the original message properly.  However, the queue members never
> get any notification via email.
> Furthermore, any responses made to the message via the web interface get
> sent to the original requestor, the response gets displayed on
> the web site,
> but none of the queue members get a copy of the message.  In all
> cases when
> a help desk person sends a message (via the web or email), the original
> requestor is the only person who gets a copy of it.
> I've tried reconfiguring the queue in many ways.  I've basically checked
> every checkbox there is (and all sorts of other combinations)
> trying to get
> ANY transaction to get emailed to the queue members.  I've made all queue
> members have Admin rights to the entire RT system and set them with Admin
> rights for the queue.  Nothing is changing the wrong behavior.
> I'm testing using the address "support-rt at servlets.net".  My aliases file
> has this in it:
> support-rt:     |"/home/rt/rt-1.0.2/bin/rt-mailgate Support correspond"
> My Queue name is "Support".
> Any ideas what might be causing this to happen?  What other information
> should I provide?
> What would really help me is to find out if RT has a "debug"
> mode.  Is there
> some way to log what it is doing to a log file?  Could there be an error
> occurring when it tries to send mail to the queue members that is being
> recorded somewhere?
> Thanks!
> Tauren
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