[rt-users] web interface kicks me out repeatedly

Jill Lundquist jill at chezns.org
Sun Oct 15 20:17:47 EDT 2000

Update on the "kicked out when doing anything" problem:

I changed both passwords in the user table (mind and root's) to be
ten characters rather than the eight they were before, since Feargal
suggested that.  I did that via mysql.  It didn't make any difference.

>There are a couple of things that can cause that:
>        1. Having your web traffic originate from multiple IPs.
>                Fix: take out a line of code in auth.pm. Ping me if you want it

Both the machine I'm running RT on and the machine I'm running netscape
on have only one IP address, and there is no NAT between them (they're
both on the same side of our NAT server).  However, I'd like to try 
the auth.pm fix -- would you mind sending it?

>        2. Having a browser that swallows cookies.
>                Fix: Turn on "notify me of all cookies" and make sure things look ok
>                or make sure that RT is set to "send cookies to all scripts" aka the IE bug.

Now this is odd -- my browser (Netscape Communicator 4.75, running on a 
redhat 6.2 machine) already had "Accept all cookies" on.  I turned
on "Warn me before accepting a cookie", and when I reload the page
and log in, I don't see any cookie notifications at all.  Hmmm.  Anyone
think this might be significant?  :-)

I quit and restarted netscape, wondering if it had become wedged in some
way, but the same thing happens.

>         If neither of those are it, we should do some off-list debugging.

I'd be happy to, and grateful for your time.  Thanks.  I hope we
can work it out, since it seems to be such a common glitch, and I
really like the RT design (I liked req's simplicity and flexibility,
and it seems that RT has the best parts of req).

Jill Lundquist		                     jill at chezns.org
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