[rt-users] Can't always send mail from web interface

Stephany Burge stephany at xigo.com
Thu Oct 19 18:25:43 EDT 2000

I think my problem was due to a poor configuration of sendmail (actually a lack
of ever configuring it on that box....).  I was unable to send email via the web
interface when I cc'd or bcc'd email to unqualified userids (ie. cc: stephany
rather than cc:stephany at xigo.com).

By setting these two sendmail options, I fixed that problem:
      # who I masquerade as (null for no masquerading) (see also $=M)
           # who gets all local email traffic ($R has precedence for unqualified


"J.D. Falk" wrote:

> On 10/19/00, Stephany Burge <stephany at xigo.com> wrote:
> > Has anyone else had this problem?
>         Yep, just started happening for me.  Looking deeper into it, my
>         guess is that sendmail ignored the -OErrorMode=m and gave an
>         error direcctly instead, which RT didn't now how to handle.
>         I haven't yet tracked down why sendmail would do that.
>         (Oh hey, tell random people at Xigo I said hi until you find
>         one who knows me...there's a whole bunch.)
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