[rt-users] RT 2.0.9...modifying statuses

Steve Gilbert gilbert at 8020softwaretools.com
Tue Dec 4 15:45:02 EST 2001

	I was wondering if you (or anyone else in the know) could
comment a little further on this topic.  Is the unsupported issue
only adding new statuses to the array, or could it also potentially
break things to just change the names of the existing statuses?  Has
anyone out there given this a shot?  The only 2.0.9 installation I
have at hand right now is in quasi-kinda-sorta-production mode, and
it would be bad to break it (still trying to "sell" it to the powers
that be...oh so close).
	If I could simply change the names of the existing statuses,
that would be a nice win.  If I could add one extra status, that would
be a huge win.  Thanks so much for any insight.

>Yeah. but I still don't recommend it ;)
>On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 06:35:21PM -0800, matthew zeier wrote:
>> > There's an array defined in lib/RT/Queue.pm.  But it's really really
>> > unsupported.  It's the first part of some work I was doing for a
>> who
>> > ended up not paying :/
>> Just add to
>> @STATUS = qw(new open stalled resolved dead);
>> ?
>> - mz

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