[rt-users] Re: DB problem?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Fri Dec 7 22:02:54 EST 2001

No..no.. don't tell me that.. pleeease.

Hrmm.. ok.. After a series of tests, I now know that:
o I cannot add Requestors or CC's as "Current Watchers" to a ticket.
o I CAN add Administrative CC's, but only a select set of addresses 
(mine not being one of them).

This certainly isn't making me feel good..

Is there an easy way to turn up the debugging somewhere?  I am not 
getting any errors from httpd...

Better yet, is there *any* way to recover from this without loss of 
data?  Is there a way to rebuild the database, and jam all of the ticket 
contents back in without bringing over the corruption (if there is any)?

Hey.. wait a sec.. I just realized that I am seeing this same problem at 
another client.. Grrr.. it cannot be two cases of corruption.

I'm running 2.0.9 pretty much right out of the box.  No hacks or changes 
or anything that I am aware of..


Jesse Vincent wrote:

>Two thoughts: 
>	1) It could be ACLs
>	2) it could be mysql corruption
>	-j
>On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 03:57:01PM -0500, Rich West wrote:
>>With this strange email problem I just experienced, it seems that the 
>>"requestor" part of the ticket I was testing with got corrupted in some way.
>>For some reason, I could not add anyone as a requestor (still can't .. 
>>at least, not to this ticket).  I ended up having to force the entry 
>>into the "Watchers" table within the DB, which wasn't all that comforting..
>>Actually, the problem I am having is that I cannot any new watchers (of 
>>any type) to any ticket..  When I try, and hit "Save Changes", it 
>>updates the screen as it usually would, but doesn't display the normal 
>>"Results" table, and the settings for the queue watchers have not changed.
>>I'm running a very-standard 2.0.9 version of RT..

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