[rt-users] RT 2.09 search and other time-outs

matt carter matt at iseek.com.au
Sun Dec 16 20:41:12 EST 2001

> We have RT 2.09 setup to manage a small IT dept's issues. Access is from IE 5.5
> and 5.0 running on NT. Proxy is bypassed. I have found two problems after using
> the system for 2-3 weeks:
> 1) When searching or building searches for tickets we frequently get the
> following standard IE error message. This message also sometimes appears on
> logout. Hitting refresh a few times usually fixes the problem. It is strange
> that I don't see this error anywhere else in the package. If it occurred say
> every 10-50 page displays I would tend to think it was our network but the fact
> that it only happens when searching or on logout points to a combination of RT
> and our setup.

This may be of some partial assistance.

Remember any error message generated by the server less than 512
characters will be over-written with IE's generic "friendly" error
message. (eg: the server is busy)

You can turn off this behaviour by unchecking
Tools|Internet Options|Advanced|Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages

Which will probably help you somewhat in your diagnosis of what is really
going on.


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