[rt-users] Admincc

Mark Cheverton ennui at morat.net
Mon Jun 18 11:12:36 EDT 2001

        I think I;m having the same problem as Yeow. I add in users onto
queues admincc list. They correctly get copies of the initial ticket
through my global OnCreate NotifyAllWatchersAsComment. When a comment is
made though it only goes to the requestor and if I check on the People
box for the ticket the queue level Admincc's never show up there (I have
OnComment NotifyAdminCcsAsComment).

        I'm trying to mimic the behaviour of 1.0 and have a set of users
can knock comments back and forth. It doesn't seem that the adminccs for
the queues filter down into the tickets beyond the initial ticket
creation, is this correct? If so it means that anyone who wants to
discuss a ticket via comments has to add themselves into every ticket?!
Am I reading soemthing wrong?

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