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Mark Cheverton ennui at morat.net
Tue Jun 19 04:30:47 EDT 2001

Jesse wrote:
> What MTA are you using? How have you configured RT to send email?
	I upgraded mysql to the latest release and that unfortunatly didn't fix
thingse. I'm using sendmail - I have tried both sendmail and
sendmailpipe with the same effect. I know email is working because
initial process works - a ticket comes in, the autoreply goes out to
requestor, the ticket is sent out to queue adminccs. But then further
comments do not go to the queue adminccs even though they are shown in
the web interface when entering a comment.

	Also I'm seeing other really wierd stuff happening. Some times a page
just hangs and won't load. Sometimes when doing things like view headers
it says no permission to view ticket, but on reload will work (and this
is after I have just restarted apache so no mod_perl caching issue).
Also sometimes when I hit comment on a new ticket the status field has
--- selected rather than new other times it has new selected.

	Config is as follows, these are both global, I havent done anything
specific to a particular queue except add the watcher as admincc:

	scrips:	OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors AutoReply
		OnCorrespond NotifyRequestorsAndCcsAsComment Correspondence
		OnCreate NotifyAllWatchersAsComment Correspondence
		OnComment NotifyAdminCcsAsComment AdminComment
	rights:	Everyone - CreateTicket
		Owner - CommentOnTicket, DeleteTicket, ModifyTicket, ReplyToTicket,
ShowTicket, WatchAsAdminCc, SeeQueue
		Requestor - ReplyToTicket
		Cc - ReplyToTicket
		AdminCc - CommentOnTicket, ModifyQueueWatchers, OwnTicket, SeeQueue,
ShowTicket, ShowTicketComments, ModifyTicket
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