[rt-users] Re: [rt-devel] one user in different queues

J.D. Falk jdfalk at mail-abuse.org
Fri Mar 2 17:14:56 EST 2001

On 03/02/01, Frank Lange <langef at modcomp.de> wrote: 

> My Problem:
> Some persons are user in different queues. There is a problem when
> they loggged out on the same computer/browser from a queue and
> login in another queue with the appropriate user-account.
> This user can't work with rt. He come automaticly to the login-site from
> rt.
> I think the cookie was set for the first login-user.

	Why do you need them to have different usernames in different
	queues?  Couldn't they just access both queues from the same
	user account?

> Is there a way to solve this problem. Perhaps to disable the
> cookie-settings.

	I tend to run a different browser when I need to do things
	like this -- for example, I use Netscape most of the time,
	and run MSIE when I need entirely seperate access to the same
	site.  (No need to get into a discussion regarding whether
	Netscape or MSIE is "better," it works the other way around
	as well -- or you can use Opera or anything else.)

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