[rt-users] Newbe, root getting copied on communications

Medi Montaseri medi at sc.prepass.com
Tue Mar 6 07:54:34 EST 2001

The email interface was indeed the compeling reason why I selectred RT.
However it would be nice to have a web view for the requester where
they can come by and view status on their ticket. Similar to career services

where customer can see progress of their work.

I know I can set this up by defining a user (a staff) with read (display
access, but I hate to define 200 users.

Also while we are at this, another question I posted along with this post
to do with certain bounced messages to anonymous at sc.prepass.com and
exessive email copy to root at localhost.samba.sc.prepass.com. Looking into
the database, it looks like "user.MYD" contain root as a user and I had
cheched the Queue's property to send email to everyone. This has come about
due my multiple attempts to install RT and resedues of previous attempts are

still in the database (mysql). This calls for a make cleanup target in the

As a workaround, can I manually delete such users from the database and if
would I break any integrities.

Christian Kurz wrote:

> On 01-03-05 Medi Montaseri wrote:
> > Q - Where is the Web interface to this for the Requesters. I only see a
> > web interface
> >         for the users (which persumably means support staff and not end
> > users)?
> What kind of web interface for requestors do you think of? This is a
> request tracker which should help with the coordination of request and
> the documentation what has done about a task. So please explain a bit
> more, what kind of interface you are looking for.
> Ciao
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