[rt-users] Mason not working?

Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker levitte at stacken.kth.se
Thu Nov 8 00:19:51 EST 2001

From: Toby Wahlers <toby at vidiom.com>

toby> I have tried about every possible permutation of the apache config files, 
toby> but I have only gotten rt to work with the default VirtualHost setup (which 
toby> I don't want).  Mostly I get the index page as source text with a Go! 
toby> button, but with other (mis)configurations I've gotten malformed header 
toby> messages. I'm running Mandrake Linux, which by default has 2 apache servers 
toby> running, one of them a perl proxy. I've looked at all the list archives, 
toby> and a few people have had the same problem, though with different 
toby> configurations.  I want a subdirectory configuration and need to use an 
toby> alternate port, e.g. http://www.myserver.com:81/rt2/, and would like it to 
toby> work with my current dual server config.  Apache has 3 config files, 
toby> httpd.conf, commonhttpd.conf, and httpd-perl.conf. I have the Alias in 
toby> commonhttpd.conf, 'cause that's where it wants to be. I have added 
toby> ProxyPass to the httpd.conf, and have tried <Directory> or <Location> 
toby> setups in all 3 config files, nothing seems to help.  Any ideas?

Yup.  I had the same problem when I started playing with rt2, and the
best idea right now is to look at apache's error log and try to figure
things out from there.  In my case, it was a combination of having
some trouble with something not existing in the @INC directories of
the scripts I used and some permission bits somewhere.  It's very
possible that your apache configuration is just fine (it was in my

Try that, and if you can't still figure it out, I suggest you get back
here with *details* (like the part of the configuration concerning rt
and perhaps the last parts of the error log if that's relevant).

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