[rt-users] newbie needs help

Vinod Bartakke vbartakke at nicusa.com
Fri Nov 9 00:17:35 EST 2001

Hi Raymond,

I am willing to work on this. Infact I am also stuck up on the same point.
By the way , you said that you used a script install-sendmail to configure sendmail/rt-mailgate. Can you please give the URL of this script ? I want to give it a try.

My problem is: when some User sends an email to rt at mydomain.com and rt-comment at mydomain.com , it is not able to generate a new TICKET in the system. Can somebody help me out please? 
I tried adding to lines in the file /etc/aliases and also created a symlink in /etc/smrsh related to rt: and rt-comment, but no luck.

Thanks and regards,

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  I have received a lot of help from Greg, so I want to give him a break. 

  I have looked at the docs for setting up email gateway, queues, etc.. but I really don't understand things enough to be confident of  making the necessary changes.

  I would appreciate working with someone on this. Greg has helped me get RT installed on RedHat 7.1. I also have configured sendmail via the install-sendmail script. Is there anyone out there that can work with me on this?

  Thanks in advance.

  Raymond Norton
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