[rt-users] [rt-announce] RT now integrates with CVS

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Nov 13 02:21:45 EST 2001

I'm proud to announce the initial release of the RT cvs commit handler.
This tool allows developers working with a CVS repository to automatically
update tickets in RT as they commit changes to CVS.

You can pick up the latest copy of the code from: 

To install the code, copy it to ~rt/bin, 'chgrp rt rt-coomit-handler',
and 'chmod g+s  rt-commit-handler'.

Stick the following in in CVSROOT/commitinfo

ALL     /home/jesse/projects/rt-addons/log_accum --record-last-dir

Stick the following  in CVSROOT/loginfo

ALL         /home/jesse/projects/rt-addons/log_accum -r  %{Vvts}

It should work with local cvs servers or cvs servers accessed over rsh/ssh.
I've got no idea how it will fare against a pserver. (There may be minor auth

RT currently needs to live on the same server as CVS.

To use this puppy, your developers all need to have their "Unix login" field
set to the uid that they connect to the CVS server as.

Making it go is simply a matter of embedding commands at the start of the 
commit log message. Commands are executed in the order they're listed.
If you put in repeated calls to RT-Ticket, you can perform actions on 
more than one ticket (in serial, not in parallel). 
The valid commands are as follows:

RT-Ticket: <ticketid>
RT-Status: <status>
RT-Subject: <subject>
RT-Owner: <owner>
RT-Priority: <priority>
RT-Final-Priority: <priority>
RT-Queue: <queue>
RT-Requestor: +email at domain
RT-Requestor: -email at domain
RT-Cc: +email at domain
RT-Cc: -email at domain
RT-AdminCc: +email at domain
RT-AdminCc: -email at domain
RT-Due: <date>
RT-Starts: <date>
RT-Started: <date>
RT-Resolved: <date>
RT-<keywordselectname>: +<keywordselectvalue>
RT-<keywordselectname>: -<keywordselectvalue>

The structure of a commit log is:
<a newline or two>
<freeform commit log>

If the commit log starts with 'private' or 'comment', it will be 
appended to all the tickets you mentioned above as a comment, otherwise, 
it will be appended as correspondence. You should note that the commit log
is appended to the ticket _before_ actions are taken.

Feedback is, of course, appreciated.



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