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Dmitry Semkin lslarry at caravan.ru
Wed Nov 14 03:51:11 EST 2001

Вторник 13 Ноябрь 2001 21:18, Вы написали:
> On Tuesday, November 13, 2001 20:56:12 +0300, Dmitry Semkin
> <lslarry at caravan.ru> wrote:
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> | is there any documentation and, preferable, examples for rt?
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> http://www.helgrim.com/rtdocs/index.html should answer all your questions.
> The difference between "correspondence" and "comments" is that, while both
> are logged, only the former are copied to the requestor.  This allows
> support personnel to have a logged discussion of details of a ticket
> without  boring the requestor, who likely doesn't know or care about the
> details.  (Among other things.)

hmm. I'm using cgate pro as mta (www.stalker.com)
below is "router" ruleset
<support> = "rt-mailgate\ --queue\ support\ --action\ correspond"@pipe
<rt-comment> = "rt-mailgate\ --queue\ support\ --action\ comment"@pipe

if I send letter to support at domain I receive it, the letter apears in queue, 
i.e. all this jazz looks like ok.
but if I send letter to rt-comment at domain I see only the next few lines in 
comment aliases require a TicketId to work oncomment aliases require a 
TicketId to work on (from someone at somewhere) 
<E163vQw-0002hG-00 at mx1.somedomain>
so, what for this address must be used? 

and second question. how I can remove users?

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