[rt-users] Help me with Initial RT install recommendation

Trever Furnish tfurnish at mail1.wowemployers.com
Fri Nov 16 19:02:07 EST 2001

Ok, I'll admit I only just started paying attention to this list, so
someone else here will hopefully correct me if I'm saying something
extremely horrible, but...

I just started fresh with redhat 7.2, which still has perl 5.6.0, which
seems to be a bit of a problem, but I was able to get it working... if you
don't count the occasional apache child process segfaulting (hit the back
button and submit again, no big deal so far).

My goals were to stick as much as possible with redhat-supplied rpm
packages and to definitely NOT recompile perl.  The apache segfaulting I
take to be related to perl 5.6.0 (vs 5.6.1), so maybe mine wasn't the best
choice.  I REALLY do NOT want to compile perl and ruin redhat's rpm
version - personal preference.

I took some *really* rough notes though and I'd be happy to forward them
to you, wkelleher, if you want some additional guidance on the process.
I'm sorry, don't have your original post, only Teo's response below, so I
don't know if you're on redhat 7.2 or some other version.  If it's not
7.2, my notes probably won't help much.

I'll be doing the install again on another rh7.2 box very soon and will be
tarballing all the files I use for the install and cleaning up my notes
more carefully and I'll be happy to share that as well if anyone's

Email me directly if you think you may benefit from these notes and I'll
send them.


On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Teo de Hesselle wrote:

> wkelleher at aaservicesltd.com wrote:
> > I have looked at some of the documentation and I think I can get it working
> > but any hints would be appreciated.
> Hmmm. Redhat... apart from the usual sysadmin stuff, you'll have a lot
> less trouble with the many facets of RT if you compile EVERYTHING yourself
> - perl, apache & mod_perl ( & mod_ssl if you like) that is.
> It's not that hard. You'll enjoy it :).

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