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THAUVIN Blaise (Informatique) bthauvin at dauphin-affichage.com
Wed Nov 28 03:04:55 EST 2001

Hi all,
In an answer last August,  Travis Campbell explained he changed quite a lot
of things in its home page and listing.
I want to make some changes too, but I don't speak perl (I hardly speak any
programmation language now, appart from old reminders of C)
Apparently, you can modify, add, delete columns in the tickets listing quite
easily with "WebOptions", I tried it and it worked. My only problem is that
I've not been able to find wich columns I can add.
I need to replace the requestor email address with its full name, but still
use the address as the key to create users. How can I do that. It seems to
be easy, but I did not manage.
Thanks in advance

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