[rt-users] Missing replies

Simon Woodward sw-lists at onyx.net
Wed Nov 28 07:23:16 EST 2001

Hi All,

Our support guys have bought a possible issue to my attention. It seems
that some correspondence is not being sent out from the ticket system.
It hasn't been many, but enough to raise suspicions with customers
phoning asking about the status of their problem and wondering why they
haven't been answered, when in fact they have.

We are using qmail as the mailer, and the vast majority of replies /
comments / auto responses get through with no problem. However the ones
that haven't there has not even been a corresponding entry in the log
files to show that delivery has even been attempted.

In config.pm:

$MailCommand = 'sendmailpipe';
$SendmailPath = "/var/qmail/bin/sendmail";

In Queue Scrips:

OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors with template 1st Line Autoreply       
OnResolve NotifyRequestors with template 1st Line ticket
OnCorrespond NotifyRequestors with template Correspondence

Any ideas / comments / suggestions appreciated.



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