[rt-users] Keyword usage from CLI

Wes Bateman wes at manisec.com
Mon Feb 4 22:21:09 EST 2002

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before?  I didn't find it on a quick trip
through the archives though.

Is there a way to select only certain tickets from a queue by keywords,
using the command line interface?  I haven't used RT since the v.1 days,
and I've so far found the keywords under the web interface to be a great
thing.  I really rely on the command line interface though, as I base
shell scripts off of the CLI tools.

I was doing stuff like:

rt --limit-queue=general --summary %id5%subject80%owner10%due20%status8

I can't find a keyword object in the documentation.

Any help or ideas?  Hopefully it's a simple thing that I haven't figured
out in the new version yet :)



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