[rt-users] adding keywords on ticket creation?

Darrin Walton darrinw at nixc.net
Thu Feb 7 13:22:20 EST 2002

  |+ Maybe his users don't understand keywords, and they need to be searchable 
  |+ right as soon as a ticket is created.  Maybe someone (a principal, or some 
  |+ other school admin person) needs to have an auto-refreshing report of how 
  |+ many tickets are in each keyword-space, but Raymond has other things to do 
  |+ rather than babysit the un-keyworded queue, giving them keywords.

It sounds like they do understand keywords, as after they create the
ticket, they are then adding the keywords.  Just explaining to each user
that before they hit 'create', they should clikc on 'Show Details' and
pick the keyword there.

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