[rt-users] adding keywords on ticket creation?

Rob Walker rob at myinternetplace.net
Thu Feb 7 13:33:59 EST 2002

On Thursday 07 February 2002 12:22, Darrin Walton wrote:

> It sounds like they do understand keywords, as after they create the
> ticket, they are then adding the keywords.  Just explaining to each user
> that before they hit 'create', they should clikc on 'Show Details' and
> pick the keyword there.

Good point, it isn't that difficult.  However, I doubt that the users in this 
case _really_ want to use RT.  I don't mean that they don't want to use it, 
but that using RT isn't their jobs, but it is an adjunct to their jobs, 
hopefully making their jobs more efficient.  I think that the more work we 
can do automatically for them, the better.  Think of it as the next evolution 
from typewriter and paper through RT to "mind-reading RT".  :-)

Of course, I did _not_ say that someone here should implement this on their 
own time and at their own cost, least of all those who did not ask for it or 
see the worth in it and probably will never use it.  I firmly believe that 
those with the itch should get to scratching.  ;-)  Just file it as a 
wishlist, prioritize it properly, and maybe those of us who are looking for 
reasons to look at the RT code will look at it.


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