[rt-users] CorrespondAddress

Jeff Blaine jblaine at linus.mitre.org
Fri Feb 8 14:24:12 EST 2002

It's not clear to me from reading the comments in config.pm what this
needs to be set to.

    #$MailAlias is a generic alias to send mail to for any request
    #already in a queue.

Um, what?  Where's $MailAlias?  I don't see it with a default value

    #RT is designed such that any mail which already has a ticket-id associated
    #with it will get to the right place automatically.


    #This is the default address that will be listed in

This is?  What is...  $MailAlias, $CorrespondAddress, or $CommentAddress ?

    #From: and Reply-To: headers of mail tracked by RT unless overridden
    #by a queue specific address


No information about $CommentAddress?


Any help would be good.  I'm _assuming_ that I want help at foo.com there.

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