[rt-users] What "Config" button? (new install)

Jeff Blaine jblaine at linus.mitre.org
Fri Feb 8 15:45:49 EST 2002

Okay, I've _FINALLY_ got this running to the point where Apache runs and
I can see the "front" RT page.  WHEW.

The Installation Guide states:

    Create your users 

    In its default configuration, RT uses an internal users database to
    keep track of who can access RT and who has what rights within the system. 

    One of your first tasks should be to create users for anyone who will
    need to work with tickets within RT. 

    With the web interface, click on "Config" then "Users" then "Add new
    user". When creating new users, be sure to fill in: 

I see no 'Config' to click.  I see "Username:" and "Password:"

So I returned to the source code README:

            Binaries for the CLI are located in rt/bin
            You've got:

                    "rt" (manipulate or display requests)
                    "rtadmin" (modify queues, users and acls)

            Both of these programs take --help as an option.

So I try rtadmin:

    % ./rtadmin --help
    No RT user found. Please consult your RT administrator.

Here's what rtadmin reports with 3 new lines of debugging code:

    % ./rtadmin --help
    CLI.pm GetCurrentUser() GECOS: jblaine
    CLI.pm GetCurrentUser() ID: RT::CurrentUser=HASH(0x4c99d8)->Id
    Back in rtadmin ID: RT::CurrentUser=HASH(0x4c99d8)
    No RT user found. Please consult your RT administrator.

Could someone please tell me how to take this next configuration step?

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