[rt-users] Re: Subject wrong - breaking RT 'threading'

Dave Ewart Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Mon Feb 11 11:20:44 EST 2002

On Monday, 11.02.2002 at 16:52 +0100, Bruce Campbell wrote:

> On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Dave Ewart wrote:
> > I have setup the "rtname" to be "Req", so that the subjects to emails
> > appear as, e.g. "[Req #120]"  (I wanted it to be a very short string!)
> >
> > However, whenever replies or 'resolves' are sent to the Requestor
> > through the web interface, the subject is
> > "[rt.fully-qualified.domain.name #120]" and this breaks recognition of
> > the ticket when a subsequent reply is received back from the Requestor.
> Is it literally 'fully-qualified.domain.name', or something that you've
> changed for asking for help?  Either way, make sure that that particular
> string does not appear in your config.pm file, and that their are no other
> config.pms which RT might be reading.

It is the fully-qualified domain name of the machine that RT is running
on - it's actually 'galactica.ox.icnet.uk'.  In /opt/rt2/etc/config.pm,
I originally put the machine's domain name, as recommended, but I later
changed it to 'Req' to make the subjects less cluttered, when I realised
that was where this string was used.

I should add that '[Req #123]' appears as the subject to auto-create
emails, as I would expect - it's just the replies that seem to become
'[galactica.ox.icnet.uk #123]' ...

The only mentions of 'galactica.ox.icnet.uk' in the config.pm are as
part of the email/web addresses:

$CorrespondAddress='rt2 at galactica.ox.icnet.uk';
$CommentAddress='rt2 at galactica.ox.icnet.uk';
$WebBaseURL = "http://galactica.ox.icnet.uk:8080";

In answer to your second point, which other config.pm files could RT be
reading other than /opt/rt2/etc/config.pm ?

Dave Ewart
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