[rt-users] Looking for solutions.. Suggestions..

RT2 Troubles rt2trouble at morben.ca
Thu Feb 14 15:32:06 EST 2002

I've been trolling this list for awhile now, and for the most part, 
everything I could want and even things I didn't know I needed, have been 
offered up by people on the list. That's fantastic and everyone deserves a 
pat on the back.

Lately I have been getting a bit too anxious and I have started tweaking and 
fiddling in hopes of learning enough to make changes on my own. *duck*

I keep hearing of people who have solutions I need to implement, but they 
haven't contirbuted it to the fsck guys because they are worried about 
scrutiny and mockery. Some of these people have contributed code to me 
directly and for the most part, it's excelent code and these guys really 
should be sharing this stuff with everyone. Since that isn't going to happen 
overnight, and may never happen, I decided to post a few things I'm working 
on that might encourage some development or assistance.

- Making single-click "Resolve" and "Delete" links available everywhere 
(headers/search index/MyQueues/etc) so that we can deal with spam and 
rhetorical requests. This should be stupid-easy and yet I cannot find the 
code for invoking that action. 

- Assigning a higher priority to tickets that come from certain people 
so that we can handle VIP requests. I know most of you use a procmail filter 
that dumps these requests into a separate queue, which is a simple 
workaround, but too messy for my immediate interests.

- Making a list of who is logged into the RT web pages and perhaps how long 
they have been idle. This would be really handy when collaborating with 
multiple people on a specific task. I could also use it to tell me when it's 
safe to restart the server. Even better would be a calendar that lets us 
indicate who is scheduled to work and who is the primary point of contact at 
any given moment. We could add the "whoson" info to that calendar page and 
tie it all in together.

- A simple list-box style 'Stock Answers' that avoids the java popup window 
that the original version uses. Using a list-box should be simple but, like 
most things that are easier said than done, I get mason errors when I change 

I know I'm forgetting a few things but it's Valentines day over here and I'm 
easilly distracted.. ;)

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