[rt-users] Looking for solutions.. Suggestions..

Darrin Walton darrinw at nixc.net
Thu Feb 14 15:43:28 EST 2002

  |+ - Making a list of who is logged into the RT web pages and perhaps how long 
  |+ they have been idle. This would be really handy when collaborating with 
  |+ multiple people on a specific task. I could also use it to tell me when it's 
  |+ safe to restart the server. Even better would be a calendar that lets us 
  |+ indicate who is scheduled to work and who is the primary point of contact at 
  |+ any given moment. We could add the "whoson" info to that calendar page and 
  |+ tie it all in together.

I asked about this awhile ago, and after reading looking over the code,
I'm not sure what an 'easy way' to approach this would be.

I guess you could have RT either A)  write to a file when a user logs in,
and has their login time.  When they logout, update this file.

But the problem becomes when cookies and what-not expire, and
what-not.  I know within my origization, not many people actually use the
'logoff' feature, they either A) just shut down their computers, or
B) just close the browser all-together.  How could you then track these

Option B would be to have another table in the database, but this still
has the same problems as option A>

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