Fixed (Re: [rt-users] Response to requestor fails)

fred backman fred at
Fri Feb 15 11:04:07 EST 2002

At 5:05 pm +0100 15/2/02, Harald Wagener wrote:
>fred backman wrote:
>>  Hi
>>  I just finished installing RT 2.0.11 and I am both happy and
>>  impressed with it so far! But there's one thing which isn't working -
>>  response to requestor via the web form.
>>  If I create a new ticket (via web or email) the autoreply works fine,
>>  so the system can definitely send emails. But when I reply to or
>>  resolve a ticket and want rt to notify the requestor, it just doesn't
>>  send an email. There are no error messages in the rt log, and no
>>  trace of the email in the postfix log. (fyi - the autoreply is logged
>>  in postfix).
>>  Any idea what might be wrong? I have tried requesting tickets from
>>  two different email addresses, both got autoreplies but the web based
>>  replies and resolve notifications don't work.
>>  Please advice.
>Can You tell us which scrips You defined?

I've got it working now. Problem was I didn't have the right scripts 
active. RTFM in other words ;-)

Thanks to those who helped me!


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