[rt-users] A few RT questions

Smylers smylers at gbdirect.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 04:43:30 EDT 2002

Yesterday John Goerzen wrote:

> 1. What is the best way to let people with RT accounts sign up to
> receive notifications of new bug reports in a given queue, but nothing
> else?  Right now, I have redefined the meaning of AdminCC and have
> advised people to set themselves as AdminCC for a queue.  But that
> loses some advantages of the AdminCC system.

That's what we do here (though t'other way round).  Basically we have CC
and AdminCC with these meanings:

  * Queue AdminCC -- receives all mail on all tickets in the queue
  * Queue CC -- receives all new ticket notifications in the queue
  * Ticket AdminCC -- receives all mail on that ticket
  * Ticket CC -- completely pointless; once the ticket has been created,
    the CCs never receive any mail

It seems to be working for us so far, but we have no need to use the
CC/AdminCC distinction for anything else.

Looking in RT::Action::Notify at SetRecipients() shows these lines to
set the CCs of a ticket:

  push ( @Cc, @{ $self->TicketObj->Cc->Emails } );
  push ( @Cc, @{ $self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Cc->Emails } );

It obviously would be possible to have a very similar subroutine that
only included one of the above lines.  Then you could have separate
actions for NotifyQueueCcs and NotifyTicketCcs, and only using the
latter in everything other than OnCreate.

Incidentally, we send a new ticket to many people since (obviously) we
don't know who should deal with it until it's been read.  Then the
appropriate people should add themselves as watchers to that particular
ticket.  High up my to-do list is knocking together something which can
be invoked from a MUA and means 'add me as AdminCC [or Owner] of this

> 2. It would be nice to define a "component" or a "subqueue" to let
> people submit things into.  Anything going to that component might be
> assigned to a particular person by default, or at least sent to a
> particular group of people.  Perhaps similar to a keyword but with
> these extra features.

This is quite easy.  First set up your keywords so you have a
single-select field for the sub-queue.  Then view the page for creating a
new ticket in that queue, and use your browser to save the generated

Copy the HTML to a new file for each sub-queue, then tweak the HTML to
customize each one:

  * Change the page heading and title to make it obvious exactly what a
    new ticket created in this sub-queue is for.

  * Remove the <select> field for the sub-queue keyword, and replace it
    with a <hidden> field that unequivocally sets to it to the
    appropriate sub-queue.

  * Fiddle with any of the other fields as appropriate, for example
    hard-coding in watchers.

Then make the pages available somewhere, and tell people to use those to
create new tickets.

> 3. It would be nice to be able to "search for bugs I'm watching",
> meaning bugs that I am listed as CC or AdminCC on (or perhaps
> requestor).

Personally I get scared if I ever see the entire list of things I should
be doing, spread across all queues.  Maybe this is omitted as a safety
feature ...


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