[rt-users] Re: Apache 2

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Thu Jul 25 06:55:25 EDT 2002

Mark Moorcroft writes: 

> Our initial 
> experience has been that using CPAN to install/upgrade the pieces that 
> Apple does not include with OSX Server is problematic for numerous 
> reasons. Not the least of which is the likelihood that installing the 
> extra stuff will break the Software Update mechanism that Apple provides. 

Most probably. 

But can't you just install Perl 5.6.1 in the OSX-equivalent of /usr/local ?
You'd need to do this on lots of other systems nethertheless (older SuSE, 
FreeBSD ...). 

> There are some packaged updates available but I was unsure if RT even 
> works with Apache2.

I guess the likelyhood is larger, if mod_perl is available for OSX and 

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