[rt-users] grab whole correspondence/comments on ticket into one mbox-formatted file

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at fsf.org
Fri Sep 13 10:28:07 EDT 2002

Robie Basak <robie at principle.co.uk> wrote:

> We AdminCC our support queue to a mailbox for safety reasons (then if RT
> goes down for whatever reason we have a record we can quickly get to).

This is a possibility; I'll consider that.  OTOH, hacking up a script to
work as I described would probably be a good opportunity to get used to
RT's APIs.  ;)

> If you did this, and altered the Comment AdminCC template to not put
> [Comment] in the subject line, then you could see the entire ticket as a
> single thread in mutt (or your favourite MUA).

Actually, I have a procmail hack that makes sure a whole ticket always
gets threaded together, no matter what the subject line.  Here it is,

:0 fw
* !^References:
* ^In-Reply-To: *\<rt-[0-9]*\>
| formail -R "In-Reply-To:" "References:"

What I noticed is that RT seems to be good about always adding an
In-Reply-To: header, but doesn't add a References: header.  For some
reason, mutt doesn't use In-Reply-To:'s to form threads (it seems like it
should, but it doesn't).

I wonder, is there a specific reason that RT doesn't add a References:
header as well as an In-Reply-To:?

   -- bkuhn
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