[rt-users] grab whole correspondence/comments on ticket into one mbox-formatted file

Simon Cozens rt at netthink.co.uk
Fri Sep 13 11:25:47 EDT 2002

Bradley M. Kuhn:
> It seems that scripting such a thing should be quite easy, but before I
> hacked it up, I wanted to check to see if such a script already existed
> before I go off writing it.

I'm not aware of one, but yeah, it should be pretty easy to hack up; if I were
you, though, I'd do it not as a standalone script, but  as an option to
Ticket/Display.html or similar, so that you can then add a button to the
ticket's page to download the mbox. This also has the advantage that the
work of getting the ticket loaded up and so on is already done for you; you
just need to iterate through the Transactions.


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