[rt-users] rt installation - Apache::cookie not installed

Giorgio Imperiali gimperiali at indigosw.com
Tue Sep 17 04:41:22 EDT 2002

Bruce Campbell wrote:

>On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Giorgio Imperiali wrote:
>>I have some probems when tying to install rt, when I execute testdeps, I
>>have : Apache::Cookie not installed
>>Does anyone know where I can find a place where to download this module
>>or it is because my mod_perl is not correctly installed?
>>All comments are welcome,
>The following should be in the README (Jesse?):
>	When 'make testdeps' indicates that a module is not installed in
>	your environment, you will need to install the requisite modules
>	before continuing.  The easiest method of doing this is to use
>	CPAN to install it for you.  As root, start CPAN by:
>		# perl -MCPAN -e shell
>	If this is your first time using CPAN, it will ask you a whole
>	variety of questions.  Most of these are fairly self-explanatory,
>	but if you get stuck, refer to http://www.cpan.org/ for a guide.
>	Once at the cpan prompt ('cpan>'), simply request the installation
>	of the requisite module, eg:
>		cpan> install Apache::Cookie
>	As you delve deeper into RT, a lot of questions will be answered
>	with 'cpan> some_arcane_commands'.  If you don't understand what
>	a CPAN command does, be sure to read up on it at the CPAN site
>	referenced above.
Well, even this seems not to work (installing with CPAN), I have tried 
to install all on another machine and the same problem appears.

Does anyone have the this problem ?

Thanks in advance.


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