[rt-users] exim router and transport

Kirill Miazine lists at krot.org
Tue Sep 17 06:07:11 EDT 2002

Hi list,

I'm posting my RT router and transport that handles RT tickets. Adding
two new aliases each time a new queue is created is not neccessary with
this configuration. I use a file to help Exim decide whether the queue

hostmaster: noc
noc:        noc
support:    general
info:       general
helo:       general
contact:    general

The file does really contain a "local part -> queue" mapping. Mails to
hostmaster at example.com go to the "noc" queue and so do noc at example.com
mails. I the configuration can very easily be changed to check the RT
database to see if the queue exists.

Here're the relevant parts of the config:


# Main section

# RT
RT_QUEUES = /etc/exim/rt_queues
domainlist rt_domains = krot.org

# Router

    driver = accept
    domains = +rt_domains
    local_parts = lsearch;RT_QUEUES
    local_part_suffix = -comment
    transport = rt_transport

# Transport

    driver = pipe
    command = /local/bin/rt-mailgate \
        --queue "${lookup {$local_part} lsearch {RT_QUEUES}}" \
        --action "${if eq {$local_part_suffix}{-comment} {comment} {correspond}}"
#    transport_filter = /usr/bin/spamc
    temp_errors = 1 : 73: 75 : 111
#    log_fail_output
    message_prefix =
    message_suffix =
    user = nobody
    group = rt


My rt_transport also lets SpamAssassin to check/tag the message. If the
message gets too high spam score, my modified rt-mailgate just ignores
the message. Just uncomment transport_filter to enable spam checking.

This config is for Exim 4.


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