[rt-users] NotifyOwner and NotifyOwnerAsComment

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Thu Jan 16 19:22:33 EST 2003

Rafael Maximo wrote:
> I'm having i little problem with NotifyOwner and NotifyOwnerAsComment on RT 
> 2.0.15, I created these 2 scrips and it's working in some way but I 
> discovered that when RT receive a new Ticket and click on "Comment" or 
> "Reply" link write the message and set a new Owner, this new owner that i 
> just set don't receive anything but any comment or reply done after this, 
> the owner receives without problems. Why the Owner don't receive in the 
> first time i set it? How can I change that?

The comment transaction is processed before the Owner is changed.
There's possibly a way to force this to happen in the opposite
order, but I haven't looked at that part of the code.

You could work around this by installing OnOwnerChange from the
contrib area, and doing an OnOwnerChange NotifyOwner.
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