[rt-users] Stall Until

Jim Hickstein jxh at jxh.com
Thu Jan 23 14:27:37 EST 2003

I am now happily running RT 2.0.15 (was 1.0.6 only last week), and now I am 
ready to embark on making a few changes.

At my last shop, using Remedy, we were able to add a state called "blocked" 
and a field called "Freeze until".  One would block a ticket when one was 
waiting for something external -- a call back, a package to arrive -- and 
set the date.  It would then _automatically_ re-open on that date so it 
would appear in your list again.  (Did he ever call back?  Did the package 

I want to add this to RT.  status=stalled is already there.  All I need is 
"stall until".  I can probably figure out the external cron job that does a 
query and moves things back to open (though I'd like to have this trigger a 
Scrip if possible).

Can one of y'all give me the easy-'n-obvious (to you) edits I need to make?

(A further refinement would be to stall until a dependency is satisfied, 
i.e. a ticket in "Depends on" moves to a defined state, such as closed, or 
something else happens to it.  Today's example: change out this router 
[ticket A] during the next downtime [ticket B].  Or can I already do this 
with Scrips?  I have yet to dive into Scrips.)

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