[rt-users] feature request or "how to do this"

matthew zeier mrz at intelenet.net
Thu Jan 23 14:37:20 EST 2003

> * matthew zeier <mrz at intelenet.net> [2003-01-23 13:38]:
> > We get a lot of automated alerts to RT (by design) and not all of them
> > need to be ticketable.  If there was a way to hold items for the NOC
> > to review and select which ones to discard and which ones to accept,
> > that'd be great.
> You could simply designate a default queue as the temporary queue, and
> then the NOC could either move requests from it into "regular" queues or
> kill them.

I do that now but I have several thousand tickets that didn't really need to
be tickets at all.

- mz

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