[Rt-users] Custom Statuses

Dave Dennis dmd at speakeasy.org
Thu Apr 15 16:06:21 EDT 2004

If it helps, consider these resolveds

resolved - escalated
resolved - customer acknowledge
resolved - no customer acknowledge
resolved - customer bought product

The organization I work for make immediate use of the ability to configure
different types of resolved tickets.  Instead we make due with slinging
things around in queues.

Now, to the point you eloquently raise:

I thought RT stood for REQUEST, not "trouble ticket."

>From Request Tracker site:

"RT manages key tasks such as the identification, prioritization, assignment,
resolution and notification required by enterprise-critical applications
including project management, help desk, NOC ticketing, CRM and software
development. "

CRM means "Customer Relationship Management," which to my mind expands
beyond the simplistic adherence to the term you cite, "trouble ticket."

This is the last mail I'll post on the subject, don't worry.

Kind regards,

+ Dave Dennis
+ Seattle, WA
+ dmd at speakeasy.org
+ http://www.dmdennis.com

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Roger B.A. Klorese wrote:

> Dave Dennis wrote:
> >Sorry -- see previous mails.
> >
> >Configurable end-game just means, instead of locked into
> >"new/open/stalled/resolved/dead/deleted"
> >
> >you get to put things like
> >
> >"sold" or "sent brochure" or "check cleared" or whatever
> >as either subsets of or replacements for the ubiquitous
> >and not-detailed-enough "resolved" as a ticket end-condition.
> >
> >
> Those don't seem like trouble-ticket issues to me.

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