[Rt-users] Allowing users to see certain tickets.

Guillaume Perréal perreal at lyon.cemagref.fr
Fri Apr 16 08:45:42 EDT 2004

phillip a écrit :

>I want each user to see the queue and the tickets that they own only and I 
>want the manager to see the queue , the tickets that he/she owns and 
>everybody's tickets in his department only so how do I do that?
What do you mean by "see the queue" ?

In RT, the right "See Queue" means "viewing attributes and custom fields 
of the queue itself" not "seeing tickets in this queue".
To allow an user to see all tickets in a queue, you should add the right 
"ShowTicket" at *queue level* for this user (or a group he/she's member of).

Can you please refine your needs by writing "employees/managers 
should/should not" sentences ? eg :
- employees should see all tickets they own, no matter what queue they 
are in,
- employees should see all unowned ticket of their department,
- employees should not see unowned tickets of other departments,
- manager should see all unowned tickets of all departments,

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