[rt-users] Swedish characters

Daniel Netz daniel.netz at cfl.se
Thu Apr 22 06:17:57 EDT 2004


I've been looking for a fix for bad character conversions a long time now and we're still plagued by it in some emails. The "åäö" characters sometimes turns to "åäö" for no apparent reason, even when they're sent from the same Exchange server. It seems initial emails are ok, but as soon as someone replies to an email sent from RT, this occurs. We're running RT 3.0.10 on Gentoo Linux and perl-5.8.3 (upgraded from 5.8.2 yesterday with no luck) and MySQL 4.0.18. EmailOutputEncoding in RT_Siteconfig.pm is "iso-8859-1". This is a serious showstopper for us, I hope you got any ideas on how to solve it.

On another note, howcome RT chose to handle emails all by itself instead of simply polling a POP3/IMAP account? It's creating lots of overhead work when installing RT (together with exhange servers and other email gateways) and maybe it is a factor in this whole encoding problem business. It's also preferable to only have one mailserver to worry about.

Thanks for a great product, all in all.

Best regards,
Daniel Netz

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