[rt-users] Re: Swedish characters

Toni Mueller support-rt at oeko.net
Thu Apr 22 06:27:30 EDT 2004


On Thu, 22.04.2004 at 12:17:57 +0200, Daniel Netz <daniel.netz at cfl.se> wrote:
> On another note, howcome RT chose to handle emails all by itself
> instead of simply polling a POP3/IMAP account? It's creating lots of
> overhead work when installing RT (together with exhange servers and
> other email gateways) and maybe it is a factor in this whole encoding
> problem business. It's also preferable to only have one mailserver to
> worry about.

ugh... I'd rather worry about any Unix mail server software than about

A Unix box typically has email server software installed, even if it's
only for local delivery of administrative "cleanup" mails like in the
daily reports. I don't exactly see what amount of "worry" such a beast,
possibly dedicated to RT, should generate, but afaik the email gateway
is only a converter program that you can feed an email to on stdin,
which talks HTTP on the back side to feed RT. So, producing a short
wrapper in the fashion of fetchmail to feed that mail gateway should do
what you want.


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