[rt-users] EX_TEMPFAIL

Peter Silver psilver at ultrafast.com.au
Tue Apr 27 19:41:08 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 00:02, Rajesh Menon wrote:
> Peter,
> Thanks for the reply.
> I am not running an SMP kernel. I don't have any IPtable filters loaded.
> Once the EX_TEMPFAIL error starts, it doesn't stop till I reboot the server.
> I checked the RT calls when the error occurred last time, and it wasn't more
> than 15K in size.

Ok, no probs - this initially sounded like a problem I was having where
if you were running a SMP kernel and had iptables loaded, HTTP posts
above ~15k would fail after around 24hrs of operation.

> When the error occurs, I see the following message in the logs:
> <hostname> RT: Couldn't write attachments to temp dir on disk. using
> more memory and processor.
> (<path-to-rt3>/lib/RT/Template_Overlay.pm:330)

Hrmmm, the only suggestion I have is to look at the temp directory after
a reboot, then look at it again once it starts failing -- does it become
full?  is there some application that is altering permissions on the
temp directory?



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