[rt-users] how to change ticket label

Paul Suela pds at skyinet.net
Wed Apr 28 03:24:12 EDT 2004


Thanks a million on that suggestion.. i tested it a few times and using 
{$Ticket->QueueObj->Name()}  worked for me.

btw. where can we lookup a list of these variables? :)  I'll be scanning 
the list also, i admit to be a little late to adopting RT... its such a 
great and effective tool and our group is only starting to appreciate 
its power!

Ruslan U. Zakirov wrote:

> Paul Suela wrote:
>> Do you know what is the variable to make the Queue name come out? 
>> $QueueName maybe? :)
> There is no such such var.
> $TicketObj->QueueObj->Name
>> what i could also do (since this is still a test RT setup) is:
>> from:     [rt.mydomain.com #89]
>> to:         [mydomain.com Queue_name #89]
>> does this make sense? :)
> This was a season hit 3-4 month ago you're a bit late :)
> Search in archives.

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