[rt-users] Preventing notification on custom scrip action

Scott McDermott scottm at kcls.org
Thu Aug 5 11:29:14 EDT 2004

One of us misunderstands. The custom scrip is not generating the email
notification, it's placing an entry in the history, which is fine. The
problem is the owner change notification scrip (which I think is
default) notifies the owner of the assignment, and I don't want that in
this particular case. I do, however, want that email notification to
occur if someone goes in and assigns them ownership of a ticket.

-- Scott McDermott
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-- King County Library System

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Scott McDermott wrote:
> I've written a custom scrip to change the owner to the first person
> replies to the ticket who has OwnTicket rights. Whenever this happens,
> the new owner receives correspondence from RT with a content of "This
> transaction appears to have no content" as a result of an "on owner
> change notify owner" scrip.
You can adapt template for this scrip. You shouldn't past 
Transaction->Content into template cause it's empty.

Read section "How to be silent" of

If this doesn't help then post call that you use to change owner(can be 
done in different ways) and I can suggest you how to avoid recording of 

> How might I prevent that notification when it is the result of an auto
> assignment?
As I said you can avoid transaction recording.

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