[rt-users] Preventing notification on custom scrip action

Scott McDermott scottm at kcls.org
Thu Aug 5 14:41:59 EDT 2004

Ah, I see. Thank you very much, I think that'll solve the problem!

-- Scott McDermott
-- Network & Systems Administrator
-- King County Library System

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From: Ruslan U. Zakirov [mailto:cubic at acronis.ru] 

I know only one difference between this transactions. It's Creator 
field. Creator of autoassignment is $RT::SystemUser, when somebody 
changes ownership of the ticket then he is Creator of the Transaction.

Something like this code you can use in custom condition of notify 
scrip(that notify about ownership changes):

if( $TransactionObj->CreatorObj->id == $RT::SystemUser->id ) {
	... transaction in most cases was created by Scrip ...
} else {
	... some user created this ...

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